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Basic Steps to Becoming a Successful Web Developer

by Brandberry Marcom / 2017-02-16 21:08:12

 Let’s check if your are clear with your why and what-

For any developer or a designer, it is more important to have a clear answer to WHY you want to be one and  what do you want to create with the skill. Is it because you find web developing fascinating or you have serious inclination and understanding of the subject? Web development can only be mastered if you get in to the skin of the subject. The data and its interpretation. Coding and decoding. Front end and back. Binary world will be your world to create something out of the box.

Is it website front end or back end for you?-

Specialization is important, even if you know all the facets of web development. If your interest lies more towards logical interpretation and problem solving with numbers, symbols and coding, then back end web development is the field for you. On the flip side, if you find deigning and layout more interesting, then front end is your job. Everything that helps the design work on the screen which is invisible, is backend process and vice versa is front end. Choosing your favorite end is your decision. Having a command over both is even better.

Research and create your personalized action plan-

Going by what others formulate for your career is not ideal, make a plan for yourself with targeted approach to learn the concepts of web development and follow the same. Monthly scheduling of learning various development verticals is highly advised. Begin with the basic, from HTML and CSS move to bootstrap and designing basics. Eventually begin to learn making websites with less heavy content for ease of operations. Eventually you develop a personal website catering as a portfolio for yourself. Beginning with a client based assignment for beginning is a great way to establish yourself as a website developer.

Stay present on social media-

Social media is one of the most important domains for a web developer or even an entrepreneur to be present on. Its gives you an insight into what are trending topics and how can you break the stereotypes. Social media can be seen as a lucrative avenue to grow. Observing social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and going beyond them is what your ideal practice should be like.

Your portfolio site is a way to market yourself-

Like mentioned above, creating a beginners profile in the form a portfolio site is perhaps one of the best steps for any web development enthusiast to adhere to. A portfolio site for yourself works as a readymade presentation of your work at all times. It clearly states about your works and the layout, the design, the aesthetic approach with which it is designed, explains your potential and becomes a judging material for your client or employee.

Socialize with your contemporary web developers and learners-

Your contemporaries have a lot to offer in terms of knowledge and trends that you need to be aware of. They can offer some hands-on information that helps you in your learning and widening your information bank. Following web development blogs and interacting with the bloggers is also one sway you can proliferate your knowledge and understanding.

Participate in open source projects-

To map your skills and comfort zones of working outside your personal domain, working part time and for open source projects is a great help. This will not only improve your confidence, but will also settle your credibility as a web developer.

Show your credible work to the interviewer-

Your experience of website development will always be more important for the interviewer than your qualifications. However, we do encourage higher education but if you also have experience that can prove your worth for the assignment, then that will speak for itself, more than anything else.

Believe in continuous productivity-

Staying focused and dedicated to one project is essential to climb the ladder of competition. Creating productive website interface that is user friendly and aesthetically appealing needs patience and concentrating. Having this habit in place is extremely essential for you to constantly perform well.

Never limit your skills set-

Keep updating your knowledge and learn new modalities concerning your work. Join short term courses and apply the newly gained knowledge to your work and see what wonders it does to your growth. Staying redundant is just not acceptable in the field of web development.

Never giving up and staying positive are the two main factors that help people in general to grow better and create better.

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