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How to Commission a Corporate Film and Choose a Production House?

by BrandBerry Marcom / 2016-12-07 21:33:43

Although it is a huge part of the production, having a stunning corporate film is only a tiny portion of what makes a corporate film work. While you may have discovered a corporation that is capable of filming everything in High Definition (HD) with the finest digital cameras, they can still make a corporate film that is uninteresting and doesn’t accomplish what you desire.

Fortunately, it is important to do some investigation in order to get a corporate film production house that is best for you and your brand. 

1. Begin with Google

When you are seeking a corporate film production house, then the most understandable first step is to plan and locate few local businesses on Google. For instance, if you live in Delhi then you just have to search for ‘corporate film production house in Delhi' on the search engine and a variety of results will pop up. Now, make a list of them all so after wards you have anextensive list of local corporate film producers. If you have been directed by someone to choose a particular business, add them to the inventory as well so after that you’re prepared to start looking out the ones that would suit your brand and budgets well.

2. Do Some Investigation

Okay, so you have searched ‘corporate film production house in Delhi' or ‘animated corporate film production in Delhi' and have come up with between five and fifteen feasible results. Now you have to find out what they are offering. It might be a lengthy process depending upon the results you acquire, but it’s essential to explore the websites of all of the businesses listed to spot if they have the desired services. Remember, just because they know how to make a pretty video doesn't indicate that they are the correct vendors for you.

View every feature of what they are offering. Ensurethat you'lluncover every aspect of what you are seeking on one of the websites.

3. Construct a Brief

Once you have investigated all of the corporate film production houses available out there or atleast the prime ones, you should have a minimum of one company that you want to work with. The third step is to construct a brief that will summarize everything you are seeking from your film. Remember that a corporate film is fundamentally an advertising film, so what you’re truly making is an advertising film tactic for the producers to utilize as a training manual.

At this step, you should be able to place all the aspects you desire into the brief. This is all about what you are seeking from your corporate film, so just make sure that you enfold every phase of your necessities in the brief.

4. Acquire a Quote

Although some corporate film production houses have set cost benchmarks, most of them offer quotes depending on what the consumer is seeking. Now that you have shortlisted your production house of choice, you have to get connected and acquire a quote. This could include talking tothem, emailing them or having a meeting, but this is something that you musttruly worry about.

Make sure that you acquire all the details on'how much would it cost from the producer'. And ask them 'how long would it take to produce the film' and also check that 'if they are able to supply everything you want'. Only then you would be able to reach a decision about which producer to hire.

Final Step: Choose Your Desired Corporate Film Production House

Now your shortlist must have quotes, some small, some big, from all the production houses along with how long it would take to produce the film and what type of services are available on offer with each. With this data, you must be able to choose your desired production house.

Once you have made the final selection,  organize a meeting and talk about the project at length,providing them additional details about what you are seeking, your brand proposition, your taste, your choices and the other similar likes and dislikes. Then, you must be able to form a contract with them to have the production kick started. Just ensure you stay connected with them so you'll always know how and what’s going on.

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