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If an Advertising Agency is Guaranteeing ROI, Run the Other Way

by Brandberry Marcom / 2016-12-02 21:09:39

We have something important to share that may offend every advertising agency in India. In fact, it may also offend you, as every business dreams of finding that ultimate solution, that reliable clarification that lets you know that you’re making great decisions to build brand awareness and expand your business.

The reality is, there’s no way to try both innovative things and promise positive ROI on those investments. If that were achievable, we’d all be billionaires but we aren't. So, when it comes to meeting potential social media marketing agency associates, the biggest trouble you have to watch out for is this: an assurance of an "improved ROI."

Ensuring ROI is one of the biggest disputes for marketers. In one study, "93% of CMOs(Chief Marketing Officers) of digital marketing agencies in Delhi surveyed illustrated that they had struggled to explain computable ROI, and 81% of B2B marketers agreed with that opinion."

Now, the Good News

Don’t throw in the towel yet. Marketing and advertising agencies can still append major value for your growing business or a startup. But don’t trust anybody who declares that they can assure it.

Big marketers would focus on what’s practical. You should look for excellent past work, knowledge and intelligence. Instead of a promised ROI, the value proposal should be that they know more about advertising than you do and can convey valuable knowledge that you don’t have.

As you evaluate potential advertising agencies to work with, you’ll observethat the top ones like us(we are slightly self-obsessed!) are doing just few essential things:

1. Drawing on Facts to Set Expectations: 

Only 39% of advertising agencies manage to meet key client expectations. That’s possibly not because they failed to performwell, but because they promised an improved ROI when so many aspects are at play.

Any advertising agency worth associating with will be able to build projections based on accessible information from others in your industry, as well as walk you throughout the postulations they’re making based on that information. When an advertising agency completely understands your consumer base, it should be able to supplement the metrics that they trust, in turn helping your advertising campaigns succeed. But that’s not the same as guaranteeing.

2. Building a Success Scoreboard: 

Good advertising agencies have access to good tools that can track your campaign'ssuccess, but a great advertising agency's agents will ensure that you know how to utilize them, too. They will allocate visible success metrics so that there’ll be nothing concealed from you.

In a research conducted by Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council, "71% of clients surveyed illustrated that accountability was their major area of annoyance with advertising agencies. What’s more, in the same research, 52% of marketers surveyed confessed to having no official method of evaluating their performance."

Remember, always settle for an advertising agency that iscrystal clear with you.

3. Establishing a Beginning Point: 

Early in the route, your advertising agency should start tracking the progress of your marketing efforts utilizing a baseline metric. At first, the advertising agency may support its projections on business standards, but once you take a project, your success metrics have to be built around your personalize data.

This metric maydiffer based on your corporation’s objectives and phases. The advertising agency must work with you to establish its baseline metric, and then align a logical expectation of when you will recognize things start progressing.

All marketers understand the disputes of guaranteeing ROI, but great advertising agencies like BrandBerry Marcom will always be truthful with you about that. They will collectively work with you to establish a way to calculate success that will convince your desire to view results and meet your key expectations, while still being creative and inventive with your ideas.


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