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Mobile Advertising Leading to a Road to Crazy and Easy Approach to High Impact Campaigning

by Brandberry Marcom / 2017-02-25 14:25:03

It’s a known fact that advertising has become a regular and an integral part of our lives, both urban and rural. Most of the products we use are also there in our households because ads have influenced our psyche to purchase them, even though we may not necessarily require them. Top advertising agencies have left no stone unturned to reach their audiences. Mobile advertising is one such arena where advertisers have realized that potential to market and promote themselves well. Being an admirer and a service provider of advertising, we discuss below some key factors mobile ads should entail for maximum impact.

How 'bout that?

Mobile advertising has potential to target their exact audience by reaching to their personal space of mobile phones taking cue from their internet search activities, past purchases and their geo-locations. However, advertising agencies know that mobile space is entirely different from desktop space and they work according the same lines.

Locating your customers is this whole game about-

Mobile advertising is appealing to the marketers as its easy reach to their customers but with advancements in technology it has become accessible to track the real time location of your probable customer and consumer and make "moment sensitive" marketing adverts. Not just real time location, technology has enabled the companies to identify past locations of their target market audience also. This gives the companies an edge to have ads created that can be pushed forward for advertising purposes. This also means that brands can now make ads that are moment specific and can deepen the relevance of the shopping cart they have to offer while also tying the B2C relation stronger. Domino's Pizza is a classic example for mobile advertising. You are outside, you feel hungry, you have Domino's at your service.

Identify the gadget's functionality and utility-

Gauging on the idea about what all a mobile phone is doing for all of us, we need to realize its limitations also. It is a format that is no less than a post card or a telegram, you have limited space to convey your information in one look. One look is all you got in advertising! Ad agencies should realize that creativity is all you need to put in to what you advertize on a platform so limited in size that the structural limitations should not hamper the ad and its meaning. Functionality and its utility come in to play at this time. You have a gadget that has immense potential to be levied for advertising and marketing but to adjust your message in such a way that it reaches the audience in the same you intended to project is essential for the brands and the advertising agencies.  

Use mobile platform as your art-board-

Mobile phones used to be concise once and couldn't contain much data. Today things are however different. And drastically so! Earlier you could only fit in static art but now with the advent of smartphones, it has become convenient to express yourself through motion images, your ads can shift, expand, slide and transform into higher level of artistic versions lie videos and now even Gifs. Still, the relevance of the message makes the ad more suitable to the audience. The ad should be made creative sans losing its meaning and pertinence to the user and utility. For this purpose, researching thoroughly about the demographics you mean to deal with.

Condensation of the message is important-

Making succinct ad copies for mobile advertising  loaded with brevity is the norm for communicating through mobile. Making the ad to-the-point is the real deal. The way social media communication has changed with trends at twitter and LinkedIn, the replacement of text with corresponding images, etc. The same criteria are applicable to mobile advertising and marketing messages also. The interactive magnet that attracts users while also doing other works is what the advertisers should capture and work upon. Telling a complex message with emotions and delivering a call-to-action is the primary motive of a mobile advertisement. As it is with other ad forms and platforms, if it isn't fun to read or important to eyes, people will not read. Thus we say, KISS, keep it short and simple.

Mobile ad messages can be made high-impact, and an affordable marketing tool which is ideal for smaller budgets. It is however, the prerogative of an advertising company is to make sure the message is sellable and interesting.

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