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Titan Knows How to Win the Hearts of Aspirational Women in India

by Brandberry Marcom / 2017-02-20 21:16:56

Pregnancy has become suave, fashionable and not something that should keep you away from living your life, your way.  And Titan knows how to encapsulate the feeling, relate it to their premium products and make it sellable. In its latest ad for Titan Raga collection, produced by Ogilvy and Mather, the company has shown the affiliation between the time that is lived by a woman since the time she is a child to a life where she is ready to be a mum herself, with the time that is celebrated by Titan in its haute couture wrist watches for women that are making a style statement and a life statement. 

The plot unravels with a party scene which looks apparently like a baby shower of a pregnant woman in her late 20s or perhaps early 30s. people have gathered around a large table served with food and all eyes are glued to what she has to say next. The family and friends gathering clearly depicts that it belongs to an upper strata of the society. The elegant looking gathering has something special to depict, the beautiful bond shared by 'mother & daughter'. The pregnant woman looks at her beautifully embedded Raga Collection wrist watch and begins her speech where she thanks her mother to give her life goals.

Now we all know that mother-daughter relationship is nothing new about Indian advertising agencies and nothing novel for Titan itself, so what makes this ad so watchable every single time? Is it just the watch or the belly bump? The woman is not even a baby boomer! The idea that advertising agency OnM has pitched upon is the concept of motherhood  as seen by the youth and how it is absolutely normal to study till your heart wants to, to travel the world according to your whims, as they will later on become the your children's fairy tales and lullabies, how choosing the path of your choice and not getting unfettered by what the society may has to say, etc. The closing lines of the ad is the beauty of it all. It ends with "being a mother is not a sacrifice; it’s a choice. And I have made one."

The very concept of motherhood that we have been celebrating in India so far is questioned here and is even answered in the most subtle way. With this, Titan wins the heart of women again and this time, for an even special reason.  We, as contemporary advertising agency, appreciate the concept that is power packed with subtlety and conveys a strong idea that women today are in real need to turn to reality.

More power to a progressive Woman!

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